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Procedure of Cancle/Change Pending Order

Procedure of Cancle/Change Pending Order

In case of IBTS System Failure due to any Reason from Investor’s Part, Broker’s Part or 3rd Party Software Vendor’s Part, Investor can call and talk to the KATS operator of the Broker to get update regarding his/her lined up Orders, Can give Instructions to KATS Operator to Cancel Orders or to line up further orders on his/her Behalf or any amendment thereof:

In order to place orders and or to cancel pending orders during a system failure, you are requested to please contact our Online Trading Support Department Representative;

Mr. Adnan

Online Trading Support Department

Address: Room # 81 82 83, Second Floor, Pakistan Stock Exchange Building, Stock Exchange Road. Karachi-74000

Direct: +92 21 2463002 – 92 21 2463003

Fax: +92 21 2463005

Email: info@growthsecurities.com.pk


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