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Muhammed Shahid

Having versatile experience of Trade in listed securities for the last over 20 years,. Starting the carrier being Agent/Trader,looking after trades of High Net Worth Individual and institutional clients. In 2005 established the complete business of the brokerage house and acting as the Director and Chief Executive of Growth Securities (Pvt.) Ltd.The Brokerage houses registered with the SECP as Broker and carrying out the business of trading in listed securities. Has endeavor to assist in settlement of various trade disputes amongst the brokers through arbitration/ amicable settlement of trades. Has privileged to participate in the meetings of PSX Committees.


Mr. Zeeshan

Joined Growth Securities (Pvt.) Ltd on July 31, 2007 and looking after the Finance & Accounts department and the Equity Investment up to 2012. From 2012 onward till to date acting as dealer in the brokerage house and looking after the trade and settlement of institutional and high net worth individual. Since July 2018 has been elected as Executive Director of the Company.


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